Arvada Sprinkler Blowout and Winterization

Schedule your sprinkler blowout / winterize appointment with Fernando. We winterize sprinklers for addresses in and around Arvada - Serving Arvada and the surrounding zips 80004 80005 80003 80002 80043 80007.

Rates: $60 for the first 5 zones -additional zones are $5 each / crawlspace water shutoff is an additional $35

If you'd like to schedule your appointment, please use our scheduling app by clicking just below:
"Select a Service" --> Sprinkler Blowout ($60) and you'll see a calendar with available dates:

Arvada sprinkler winterization blowout

Waiting until the threat of a freeze is a very inadequate approach to make a decision regarding when to get a sprinkler system blown out. Your sprinler system will still probably work if it's only a light freeze, but the deterioration that develops is collective naturally especially when you are looking at the stress Vacuum Breaker's valves and test cocks. We recommend getting the sprinkler blown out before October 10th. If you see rust or even a green patina on some of the pipes,nuts and bolts in and around the PVB, you have minor leaks, however in many instances you need to do not need to do anything or require a repairman to come out. Just know that your system may have been stressed at some time by extreme force typically due to ice.